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Rhode Island

Newport, RI has one of the nicest downtown shopping areas around! Here are just a few shops and restaurants that we visited.

The Hungry Monkey, Newport, RI – This is a must if you are in Newport! Great downtown spot with an amazing breakfast, atmosphere and service! Monkeys Everywhere lol!!! 5 stars all the way!

Caleb & Broad, Newport, RI – Awesome brunch place, Awesome Bloody Mary’s and Homemade Beef Jerky OHHHHHH MYYYYYY!!!!! This place is must to at least stop in and have a drink! 5 stars all the way!

Million Dollar Row Homes & The Beautiful Shoreline, Newport, RI – If you are ever in Newport, RI you have to check out the Million Dollar Row and the stunning shoreline. It’s stunning, it’s like nothing I have seen before. From the architecture of the homes to the magnificent shoreline. It took our breath away. 5 Stars!!!

Yankee Candle, Newport, RI – Nice large store with a hometown feel! Knowledgeable staff as well! We were able to get some early Christmas Shopping done here!

A Christmas to Remember, Newport, RI – Awesome Christmas Store! Beautiful ornaments! We bought a few ourselves for Christmas gifts! 5 stars in this great shop!

Newport Jerky Company, Newport, RI – LOVED IT! Every kind of jerky you could think of as well as sauces! They have a big business online as well! Check them out! We did some Christmas shopping in here as well!

Gas Lamp Grille, Newport, RI – Beautiful downtown restaurant & bar! Great appetizers and great drinks, especially their chocolate martini’s!!! Yummy!!! 5 stars!!!

Wawaloam Campground, West Kingston, RI – This is the beautiful campground we stayed at and yes it has a waterpark inside it however it was closed already for winter when we arrived. Our campsite was great and with it being fall the leaves were falling quickly. We will definitely have to go back and spend some more time. It’s hard to believe how much there is to do in Rhode Island.

Mini Manor Kennel, North Kingston, RI – Shout out to these wonderful people who took care of our little girl while we were running around site seeing! Great place! 5 stars!

Middle of Nowhere Diner, Exeter, RI – We were lucky enough to eat here twice. This place is voted one of the best diners on Rhode Island! Super hometown feel and great people! We’ll be back!

Bone Heads Wing Bar, West Warwick, RI – Fantastic Wings!!! They were probably the best wings we have ever had! Great job! We will be back!

New Asia House, Warwick, RI – This is probably one of the best hibachi places we have been to ever… However, we couldn’t wait to leave because of how warm it was inside, like they were afraid to turn on the A/C. It was awful and we may give it another try if its super cold outside. I think it’s the big windows in the front by the hibachi tables. Definitely need to tint those windows and put the A/C on.

Showcase Cinema Bar, Warwick, RI – This place is awesome! We were able to get there early and have a couple drinks before our movie started. This is a great idea and we have seen this a lot lately. 5 stars!

Provincetown, RI – This is a one of a kind place!!!!! Beautiful Sand Dunes and a very Artsy & Carefree place! It truly is breathtaking for sure! People that we spoke to kept referring to this place, we kept hearing go there, go there, it’s awesome. When we arrived we immediately found a Inn and that’s where the fun began. We learned that this is a community that works, eats and sleeps in the same community. This is one of the #1 gay & Lesbian destinations in the US and probably the world. The carefree lifestyle and great people that we met during our short stay were so friendly and nice. These are the two places we went and they were a really nice addition to our stay. Truly a one of a kind town and we will definitely visit again. 5 Stars Provincetown!

Gifford House Inn, Provincetown, RI

Bayside Betsy’s Restaurant, Provincetown, RI

More of Rhode Island

Here are a few places we drove through and the scenery was definitely beautiful: Jamestown, Conanicut Island, North Kingstown, Saunderstown, Providence, Fox Point, Taunton – Downtown, Seekonk River, North Truro