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Portland Maine


Well we couldn’t wait to get to Maine as neither one of us had ever been there.

Here is what we thought:

Bayley’s Campgroundhttp://www.bayleysresort.com  This resort style campground is huge and the camp sites are very spacious which is nice to have. The disappointment came when we realized that all of the amenities they say they offer are only offered part of the camping season and not all. Having 2 restaurants to choose from and a huge tank full of live lobsters would have been nice but it was all closed except for one of the restaurants for a couple hours on Saturday and Sunday and this was nowhere to be found on their website. So that was a little discouraging. I truly don’t understand why Maine and other New England area states don;t extend their camping seasons because the business would be phenomenal. Nobody I know likes to camp when its hot and muggy out but when its chilly and you can have a fire every night that is a little piece of heaven. I believe they should rethink that.

The Bait Shed –  http://www.baitshedrestaurant.com  When we arrived at our campground we immediately said where can we get the best lobster in town and they said The Bait Shed hands down. So we took off and went there right away with watering mouths like we could taste the lobster before we arrived lol. Well, we ordered drinks a couple appetizers and 2 Monsta Lobsters and sat impatiently waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. The waitress came back and stated that the chef never put our lobsters down to be steamed he forgot so we waited 25 more minutes until our lobsters arrived. When they arrived we cracked them open and they were slimy meaning not cooked enough. So we sent them back and the waitress came back again and stated the chef said he has been cooking lobsters for 40 years and they are done. Well, we have been eating them for 47 plus years as well as Heather’s parents owned a lobster business in Key West and THEY WEREN’T COOKED ENOUGH! About a week later we decided maybe they were having a bad night lets try them again! We ordered a Lobster Roll and steamed clams. The steamed clams were so over cooked it looked disgusting but the lobster roll was decent and the drinks were good. We definitely won’t be back there ever.

Old Orchard Beach Pier http://www.oobpier.com Truly excited to see the pier and all of it’s shops however we were disappointed again as 90% of the amenities were closed down for the season. Again, Maine needs to make some changes. It’s not even close to snowing there yet lol. Should Florida shut down during Hurricane Season just in case they get one?

Old Orchard Beach –  http://oldorchardbeachmaine.com The beach is truly beautiful and clean! It’s a must see!

Tiqa – Pan Mediterraneanhttp://tiqa.net/restaurant  What a great, fun restaurant in downtown Portland, Maine! It was our first time at a Mediterranean Restaurant and we were very impressed. From the Bar to the appetizers to the main courses to the deserts all I can say is well done it was phenomenal! We will be back for sure!

Portland Discovery Sunset Lighthouse Cruisehttp://www.portlanddiscovery.com The boat leaves out of the downtown Portland area and what a great time. We saw beautiful lighthouses, homes, battlegrounds, and boats! What a great tour.

Love Locks Fence – Downtown Portland area. What a beautiful site but very sad that they are tearing it down for what they are saying is safety reasons. Truly sad,  they should reinforce the fence to make it stronger. The only other one that I could find is in Paris which is on our bucket list but we aren’t there yet!

DiMillos Restaurant http://www.dimillos.com/restaurant This is a beautiful restaurant in Downtown Portland in the marina. Mr. DiMillos has passed on but his legacy lives on. Great drinks, great food, and a great atmosphere. Very impressed and we will be back for sure.

Kens Place – While the raw oysters and drinks were great the bartender with no personality was a killer at this location. Very sad that someone treats people that way! If you aren’t happy at your job don’t make others suffer, move on to another job.

On The Vine Market – https://www.onthevinemarketplace.com – We try to eat organic as much as we can. Sometimes with traveling it gets a little difficult however this Organic Market made eating organic so much easier while we were in Maine. Great job!

Cabella’s http://www.cabelas.com Oh how we love you! Scarborough, Maine has a huge Cabella’s store with some great prices as well. This was our first time at Cabella’s and we can’t wait to visit their stores in Texas.

Pine Point Grill http://www.pinepointgrille.com This restaurant doesn’t even deserve a review that’s how bad of an experience that was.

Anjons https://anjons.com Holy Cow!!!! Our favorite restaurant to date. Fantastic service and a fantastic server by the name of Kylie. The food was fantastic and with the help of Kylie we wanted for nothing the entire time! Well Done – the best restaurant in Maine to date and thank you Kylie for a wonderful time!

Bei Capellihttps://www.beicapelli.com  OMG! What a great salon & spa! Fantastic atmosphere from the hot tea/coffee to the quiet surreen shampoo head massage room to the hairdryers hanging from the ceiling to the friendliness of the hairdressers. This place is five stars all the way! What a great job they have done!

Famous Dave’shttp://www.famousdaves.com Fantastic Bbq and even better Bloody Marys – this is a must got to restaurant when you are in Scarborough, Maine.

Taco Escobarhttp://www.tacoescobarr.com  In the center of Downtown Portland this restaurant has taken a different turn on its Mexican menu. Great drinks and food!

Downtown Portland Shopshttps://www.travelportland.com/article/downtown-shopping  because of parking we were only able to go into a few stores but the ones we did were pretty cool with decent priced items. Top of the list is Reny’s – A Maine Adventure www.renys.com!

Maine is known for it’s Lighthouses and man are they beautiful. We were able to see quite a few of those. As for their Lobster, we weren’t impressed. We were expected to be blown away by it and we weren’t.

Until the next review

“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us”

Tom & Heather